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Hello, and welcome to our Family Story. I will be the one posting to this blog, and all information to help me in this endeavor will be greatly appreciated.

Just in case you don't already know me, here is a little bit of info to that effect:
Robert J. Couser, sixth generation
Robert J. Couser

My name is Robert J. Couser. I am a sixth generation Couser from William Couser, generation 1, my great great great grandfather. My great grandfather was John Thomas Couser, the sixth child of Thomas Couser, generation 2. John Thomas Couser, born in Ohio, eventually settled in Britton, South Dakota, after a short stay in Iowa, Shelby County. I grew up in Aberdeen, South Dakota, graduating from Aberdeen Central High in 1966. After three years in the U.S. Navy submarine service, I later graduated from North Dakota State University in Fargo in 1973. I completed medical school at the University of North Dakota in Grand Forks, ND in 1978. I completed my advanced medical training at the University of Minnesota Hospitals in 1984. I practiced Neonatal/Perinatal Medicine at Children’s Hospital of Minneapolis. I retired from medicine on January 1, 2010. In my retirement, I’m attempting to become an amateur historian on selected topics, and more specifically, the Couser Family history. I was inspired by my older sister Evelyn Marie Couser Volk. Hopefully, with the help of Richard W. Couser’s family, our reunion hosts, William David Couser and his sister Cathy Couser Frey, another Couser Family Reunion can successfully expand our knowledge base for future Couser generations.

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  1. Hi Robert
    My name is David Edwin Couser and I live in Macomb Mi .I have two brothers (Thomas, James) and a sister (Carol). Our father was Thomas William Couser. He always said that his family came into this country thru Canada. I'm thinking we may be related somewhere down the line. Dad always said our ancestors originally came from Irland.