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Generation Three from the Thomas Couser Line

Generation 3 of the Couser line, descending from Thomas Couser, the fourth child of  Samuel Couser and Sarah (Waddle) Couser, is being featured in this blog. 

Most of the known descendants are from this line of the family.  This outline at left, then, is shown below  in its place in the Family Tree.

Generation 3 in the Couser Family Tree

1. William Couser   b:1779 (No. Ire.)  d: 1842, Acton Cemetery, Ballymore Parish, County Armagh, Northern Ireland
Sarah Waddle (Couser)   b:1781 (No. Ire.)   m:   ?    d: Aug. 21, 1847 (unmarked grave, Staten  Island, Richmond County, NY
----  2. Thomas Couser   b:   ?      d: age 2 (smallpox)
----  2. Samuel Couser   b: 1805   d: 1892
David Gray Couser, 7th child, Thomas Couser, Rachel Orr Couser
David Gray Couser  b: 1853
7th Child of Thomas & Rachel Couser
----  2. James Couser   b: 1807   d:    ?   
----  2. Thomas Couser  b: 1811   d: 1892
       +  Rachel Orr (Burns) Couser
---------- 3. William Henry Couser   b:  1841
---------- 3. Sarah Jane Couser   b: b: 1842
---------- 3. Mary Ellen Couser   b: 1844
---------- 3. John Burns Couser   b: 1845
---------- 3. Samuel Waddle Couser   b: 1847
---------- 3. John Thomas Couser   b: 1849
---------- 3. David Gray Couser   b: 1853
---------- 3. Susan Elizabeth Couser   b: 1854
---------- 3. Margaret Rachel Couser   b:1857
---------- 3. Nancy Haddassah Couser   b: 1859
---------- 3. Joseph Andrew Richie Couser   b: 1861
----  2. Sarah Couser   b: 1815   d: 1858
----  2. William Couser   b: 1815   d: 1847
----  2. Joseph Couser   b: 1819   d: 1850
----  2. Ellen Couser   b: 1821   d: 1903
----  2. Susan Couser   b: 1854   d: 1912
----  2. Nancy Couser   b: 1854   d: 1912

Joseph Andrew Richie Couser, 11th child, Thomas Couser, Rachel Orr Couser
Joseph Andrew Richie Family ca: 1941 / 1942

A Family Photo

Front row: Danny Couser, Mark Couser, Barbara Couser
Second Row (L-R): Faith Couser, Esther Couser, Joseph Andrew Richey Couser (11th child of Thomas & Rachel Couser) holding James on chair, Alice Couser, 2nd wife Elizabeth McKeever, Dick Couser
Back Row (L-R): David L, Don, Joseph, Amos, Cora, Quinter and wife, Thomas and wife, William and wife, Friend and wife, Jacob and wife, unknown
Photo taken circa 1941-42

Other Information Available

William Quinter Calvert (whose photo appeared in our first blog post), along with David Gray Couser (photo above), the 11th child of Thomas and Rachel (Orr) Couser, together created a book entitled "History and Records of the Couser Family." Click the link to find this book, saved in pdf. format. This book was translated down to a Family Tree format, listing both the information as held by the author of this blog, Robert James Couser, commonly known as "Bob," as well as all the information from the book itself, sometimes conflicting is names or dates, sometimes up to three different dates being given for the same event. All is presented in the Family Tree version. Please Click on this link to find the Family Tree.

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